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How I can help with you real estate needs

Below are a few of the things I do to help my clients find the right home. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can offer better service. Your ideas are appreciated.

Organize showing property. If you have ever organized a meeting or event with several different people, getting every one together at the same time is hard to do. Getting six people together 30 minutes apart at six different locations, now that is a nightmare. However, if you are working with an agent that has access to all of the homes in the area and can schedule the showings sequentially then you can do in a few days what it may take weeks to do on your own. Make it easy on yourself. Your time is valuable.

Bounce ideas off of. Would you like to have someone outside of your sphere of influence to bounce your ideas off of. How many times have you looked through magazines to get ideas about what you want in a home or how to improve it. Who better to talk to than a person that spends all of their working hours reviewing houses in all price ranges and makes their living keeping up with trends.

Help you get to know the area. If you are not from our area it is good to work with someone who knows the area and can quickly get you up to speed.

."As an Athens Area native I have watched Athens grow from a small town to one of the most popular places in the US to live. Come see why everyone is moving here and why I never saw a reason to leave."

Come get a tour of Athens from someone that really knows what is going on.

Be your eyes and ears.It is amazing because every day people can be heard saying "I can't find what I am looking for. There is all this inventory out there and it is supposed to be a buyer's market but my house is not out there." Keep in mind that there are a lot of people that want the same thing that you do. When that house appears on the market, it is not available long. That is why it is important to have someone constantly watch the new listings and price changes so that you are first in line when that special house first appears on the market.

Negotiate the sale. Negotiating the price of a property depends on a lot of variables; where the property is, who the seller is, the sale history in the particular neighborhood, the condition of the property compared to other property in the neighborhood, the seller's disposition and how the offer is presented. For instance, if you make an offer on a foreclosure listed for $80,000, and your offer is $70,000, then your approval letter from the bank should say $70,000, right? Well guess what, your approval letter shows that you are only able to buy a $70,000 house. The bank will not make a counter offer that they don't think you can afford. Trust me, they know that just because you can afford more doesn't mean you will pay it.

Process paperwork. In today's world more than ever it is important to make sure all of the paper work is in order and schedules are met. Because of the fast pace that the market is changing today, real estate contracts are constantly changing also. They change for good reasons so make sure you have the latest documents. When they are drafted and served is just as important. A late amendment can cost you your earnest money.

If you are shopping for property on your own, you may not know how real estate works. Keep in mind that the real estate agent on the sign in front of that house you are interested in works for the seller. They may have sold the house to its owner years ago or have some other relationship with them. Ask yourself, "How can they get the best price and terms for the seller and do the same for me?" You should think about getting an agent to look after your interests.


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